MIRPUR (AJK)-Terming the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir as an indivisible entity, Central Secretary Information Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Azad Jammu and Kashmir Ershad Mahmud has said that talking about the division of the state was tantamount to rubbing salt into the wounds of Kashmiris who have been rendering matchless sacrifices for the right of self-determination.

“Kashmir is not an economic enterprise that could be divided or bartered; it is, in fact, an internationally recognised dispute that needs to be resolved on universally accepted principle of right to self-determination guaranteed to them by no less an authority than the United Nations”, Mr Mahmud said in a statement released to the media here on Tuesday.

The PTI AJK leader continued that at this crucial phase of freedom struggle, Tehreek-e-Insaf stands shoulder to shoulder with the embattled and besieged Kashmiris, who he said, have demonstrated high degree of resilience, courage and unity. Referring to dire human rights situation in the Kashmir Valley, the PTI leader said, “Kashmiris continue to suffer from unrelenting lockdown for the past 135 days. Entire political leadership is in jails including ex-Chief Ministers. Normal life remains suspended and the means of communication, especially the ban on the internet, have plunged the occupied territory into a state of absolute crisis, particularly prolonged shutdowns have resulted in huge economic losses.

He referred Washington Post’s comment which stated that “India’s Internet shutdown in Kashmir is the longest ever in a democracy.”

Mr. Mahmud who is also the most sought after political commentator on Kashmir, stated that the impending human tragedy in the occupied Kashmir merits urgent attention of the international community. He, however, observed that after 5th August events there has been a tremendous wave of sympathy and support for Kashmiris around the world. “World Human rights organizations, the international media, as well as the influential leaders around the globe are criticizing India’s policies and voicing their support for Kashmiris”, he maintained.

He regrettably noted that a conspiracy theory is making rounds on the social media that Kashmir current status is being accepted by Islamabad which is completely false propaganda and a deliberate effort to create confusion among the people of Kashmir. He said that this kind of propaganda being peddled thoughtlessly was akin to demoralize the people of the Kashmir who are resisting against the occupation. He said that there was a dire need to discourage such attempts, which he said would adversely affect the Kashmir cause.

The PTI leader reiterated that all the political parties of the state of Jammu and Kashmir were fully united on a one-point agenda that the future of the State will ultimately be decided by the people of Kashmir as per their aspirations. “There is no disagreement in this regard”, he said adding that the government of Pakistan also endorses the same stance, including Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Regarding the incumbent government’s policy on Kashmir, Mr. Mahmud said that Prime Minister Imran Khan who had raised the issue of Kashmir vociferously on every global forum repeated it not once but thrice that the people Kashmir are master of their destiny.