Pakistan is multicultural and multilingual country, at least 74 languages are spoken in Pakistan out of that sixty six are indigenous languages and eight are non indigenous languages. Languages are dies or extinct when one prestige language have dominance on other languages. In Pakistan many indigenous languages are endanger because of linguistics imperialism of English and Urdu.

Many elite class families prefer to send their children in westernize modern schools to seek command in English language. It is their believe having good command in English language makes them rich and considered them educated. Privates schools are depriving their students to learn their first language. Even though the liturgical language can also be taught in schools then why not they have not been taught their first language which is their fundamental and basic right.

Here I am not seem to show linguistic prejudice against Urdu and English language.

I accept the truth, English language is essential for everyone to seek command because it is the language of media, information technology , trade, business , world politics, science and cyberspace, but it does not mean English language is magic wand that can open the door to prosperity. In fact, many developed countries have their own universal language still they are progressing by leaps and bounds in economy and modern technology. Sadly, in Pakistan many regional languages are under the threat of ‘linguistic imperialism’ such as: Sindhi, Punjabi, Saraiki, Pashto and Balochi.

Although these languages are spoken by wide range of peoples as compare to Urdu. Since times immemorial these languages have been lingua franca for their communities. Due to faulty policy makers, maladministration and political dominance on other groups these languages are going into the quagmire with their ancient cultural and civilization. In fact, Pakistan has been in the state of linguistic confusion since its creation and its worst example is! ‘the Bengali Language Movement’ in 1948 and 1952. The declaration of Urdu as a national language of state led to widespread of protests in East Pakistan. This was a major blunder which had been committed by our maladministration and faulty policy makers and leads to give birth Bangladesh in 1971.

According to my opinion, These five major languages should be given the status of national language this decision would not be harm the Urdu language where as English language remains the lingua franca of country. In this way the bond of national cohesion and integration would be created among the people of different cultures. Whereas, the growing tension of linguistics prejudice and bias would also be reduced ultimately among the people. On the other hand, children should also be given initial schooling in their first language. It will help them to develop their cognitive skills. Once they became master in their first language then on the later stage English should be taught them as a second language.


Khairpur Mirs.