Lahore - Families of martyred soldiers and officers of Pakistan Army expressed their shock and regret over the conviction of former military leader Pervez Musharraf in the treason case.

Talking to The Nation, several kin of the martyrs, who wished not to be named, expressed their anger over the “mistreatment” meted out to a man who spent his life in serving the country and even fought wars for the defence of the motherland.

“Have they forgotten the days when Pakistan was bombed by TTP and all sorts of other terrorists on a daily basis and Gen (r) Musharraf led the people and forces to challenge them? Was it not he who even faced attempts on his life for getting his country rid of this menace?” questioned the brother of an army officer who laid his life while fighting against terrorists in South Waziristan.

A mother whose only son was martyred in a terrorist attack on a military installation said that she was in shock over the Special Court judgment. How a nation could survive that dishonours its brave sons by punishing them for their service for the country, she asked.

A college student whose father lost his life in an anti-terror operation in Balochistan said they just can’t swallow this “disgrace”. “I wished to join Pakistan Army and sacrifice my life for my country like my father, and this judgement has doubled my resolve,” he commented.

A widow of a martyr said she was “sick of the dirty politics” being played in the country. This court decision shows “our degradation as a nation”, he commented.