LAHORE - Normalcy returned to the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) on Tuesday with resumption of healthcare delivery at Out Patients Department (OPD) and indoor wards.

Doctors, nurses and paramedical staff, however, staged a token protest for one hour at noon in the OPD to protest against lawyers’ attack on the largest cardiac facility in the country six days back. Rangers have already taken over security of Emergency to avoid any untoward incident. Grand Health Alliance (GHA), a representative body of doctors, nurses and paramedical staff, has reiterated demand of provision of foolproof security at hospitals across the province.

Patients were the ultimate sufferers of discontinuing healthcare delivery following lawyers’ attack on the PIC.  Punjab Governor Ch Mohammad Sarwar has summoned the Punjab Assembly to meet on December 18 (today) at 3pm.  The government is most likely to table the bill on protection of doctors and paramedics in the assembly during its forthcoming session.  Following the lawyers’ attack on PIC last week, the Grand Health Alliance, representative body of doctors and allied health staff, raised the demand for security at healthcare facilities across the province.

“We demand resignation of Punjab’s Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid within three days for her failure to represent medical community to let it down collectively in tussle with the lawyers,” GHA Chairman Dr Salman Haseeb Chaudhry said at a press conference on Monday. He alleged the Punjab government failed to convert its words into reality as security bill was not approved even after lapse one and half year. “As PTI’s government was running country’s affairs through ordinances, he demanded of the Punjab government to immediately pass the security bill through an ordinance and implement it in letter and spirit to provide complete security cover to the doctors, nurses, paramedics, administrative staff and the patients in hospitals across the province.

“Any unilateral security bill formulated without taking all stakeholders on board would not be accepted. He demanded implementing the policy of one patient one attendant besides increasing the number of security guards in hospitals. Punjab government had not taken any action against the lawyers’ terrorism in PIC, giving an impression of completely losing its writ before the lawyers’ community.”