PPP has a long tradition of loyalty to the cause of democracy. Negative criticism, the kind that weakens the foundations of a country, is being waged against the PPP. My heart aches at the slanderous criticism the newspapers are filled with these days. Presidents of the country get protocol even after they are retired. So complaining about this non-issue should be done away with by journalists now, as ground realities should never be overlooked. Almost a year has passed since the last elections but instead of pointing out shortcomings of the government or suggesting practical solutions, journalists are engaged in criticism for the sake of criticism. Our worthy writers think the ruling party is here on no other grounds but a sympathetic vote. They should keep in mind that parties are never elected on sympathetic grounds alone. There are more solid reasons for it. Let the government put in its full endeavors in the next five years before we pass a verdict on it. -FIRDOUS TAHIR, Lahore, February 9.