Ittefaq colonies I &II, have been in existence as Kachi Abadis since 1975. In 1985, as per the orders of the then Prime Minister Muhammad Khan Junejo, our colonies were regularized. Mian Nawaz Sharif was Punjab Chief Minister at that time. LDA completed development works of these colonies in 1986-87. In 2004, the S&GAD transferred the land of these Kachi Abadies to LDA, which did its mutation which entailed handing over the land registration deeds to us residents. Sometime back, when former chairman Task Force for Kachi Abadis Mr. Abdur Razzaq demolished a wall of our colony, we approached the LDA and called on the Estate Officer for redressal of our grievance. In a bid to establish our right, we arranged demarcation of the land with the help of LDA and patwaris of the Revenue Department. Upon this, the Additional Secretary arranged reconstruction of the demolished wall. The new Task Force Kachi Abadis Chairman Tufail Siddiqui has now started harassing us, using indecent tactics. After submitting an inaccurate report to S&GAD, the Estate Officer has manipulated the issuance of notices to residents of six houses of the Ittefaq Colony, ordering them to vacate their residences on their own otherwise the buildings of their houses would be demolished by use of force. Earlier the Task Force officials had misbehaved with Dr Muhammad Ajmal Niazi when, despite a stay order by civil judge Sohail Shafique, the servant quarters and garage of a house were demolished and its residents humiliated. This created a lot of panic among others. We wish to tell the Chief Minister that we are all supporters, voters and fans of PML-N in the constituency of NA-151. We request Mian Shahbaz Sharif to take personal interest in the problems faced by the people of these colonies with a view to ensuring our protection and security. We are still in possession of the green cards issued to us by Mian Nawaz Sharif while he was the Chief Minister, Punjab. -PRESIDENT, ITTEFAQ COLONY WELFARE SOCIETY, Lahore, February 19.