Apropos Ghulam Asghar Khan's article titled "Deepening political crisis" (The Nation, February 10), gives an objective assessment of the political scene. I totally agree with the writer that our country does not afford any further political rifts among the major political players. Following the February 18 elections, PPP-PML-N coalition was the best thing that happened, indicating that our political class had learnt important lessons and was ready to move on by burying the hatchet. But this notion has proved to be short-lived. The writer rightly warns that any third party could exploit this politically volatile situation and derail the fledgling democracy on alleged incompetence of politicians. I request all stakeholders, including opinion leaders, to form a broad-based consensus on saving the system. The democratic government should be allowed to complete its term of five years for which people have elected it. All issues must be resolved by remaining within the system. -SAIMA JAWAD, Okara, February 16.