KARACHI - The CDGK will introduce 50 CNG buses in the metropolis by the end of March and prepaid card and e-ticketing system would be introduced to facilitate the passengers in these vehicles," said the City Nazim Mustafa Kamal here on Tuesday. The city nazim Mustafa Kamal said he had issued directives to Transport and Communication Department (TCD) to workout and finalise all formalities in this regard. Sources in the CDGK said that as the federal government's CNG buses project for Karachi city had not yet been finalised hence there was no hope that in near future this scheme would be materialised. The city government has finally decided to introduce at least 50 CNG buses on its own resources and City Nazim Mustafa Kamal has allocated Rs 250 million for this project. The EDO, TCD Iftikhar Kaim Khani, when contacted told the Nation that progress to introduce 50 CNG buses was in full swing and two routes had also been identified for this purpose. He said for the first time in the metropolis, e-ticketing system would be introduced for the CNG buses and all these vehicles would be locally assembled according to the local environment. Giving details of the routes, he said both routes have been designed on two important corridors starting from Surjani Town to Tower. The first route would start from Surjani Town via North Nazimabad towards Liaqatabad, Gurumandir and end at Tower. The second route would start from Surjani Town and via Rashid Minhas Road towards Shahra-e-Faisal and end at Tower. The EDO said that city nazim had issued directives that to facilitate citizens and provide better traffic facilities, at least 50 CNG buses should be operational as soon as possible however the completion time of the project was four months. starting from January. But TCD is doing hectic efforts and is optimist to make this project operational by the end of March. Khaimkhani added that prepaid card and e-ticketing system was being introduced in the CNG buses and a machine would be set up in the vehicle from where passengers would purchase tickets. He further said that further details would be disclosed soon to facilitate the citizens.