ISLAMABAD - Not much has changed since the historic elections held exactly one year back on the same day wherein the people of Pakistan supported democratic forces with the only hope to reap the fruit of democracy but still they are waiting for the benevolence of the democratic order. People at large see no change in their lives and see the present political dispensation as continuation of the crippled democratic set-up operating in the country before February 18, 2008 general elections. Rather some of the critics of the incumbent political set-up see the situation worse than what it was before the general elections, as the prices of essential commodities are shooting up and the overall law and order situation in the country is at the lowest ebb. Political analysts, however, see much good in the political government, as according to them what the incumbent political set-up is facing was the fallout of the follies of the previous government working under a dictator. The analysts said that the most positive thing about the political outcome of February 18 elections was the maturity that the political forces across the country had shown and this atmosphere of political tolerance would definitely pay off in the days to come and transform the country into a real democratic state. Among the major failures of the political set-up is the lingering issue of superior courts judges' restoration, which is still hovering over the country as a constant reason for instability. The issues of law and order situation with particular reference to tribal areas is constantly haunting the political stability in the country and due to the state of indecision, the unrest is engulfing the other areas of the country and becoming a serious threat to the sovereignty of the country. Although the political forces in the Parliament have shown a lot of maturity, yet the assemblies, be it the National Assembly or the provincial assemblies, have failed to do their real task of doing legislation.