Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto's tragic and untimely death and the unfortunate wave of violence, arson and looting in its aftermath, specially in interior Sindh, should not be perceived as a mere tragedy with its logical emotional fallout's. Benazir's assassination was clearly the work of a trained assassin, but behind that gruesome act existed a deep rooted conspiracy that most of us may not even comprehend, being duly blinded by the shock wave of the suicide bomber. The lightning speed with which state assets were destroyed within no time of Ms Bhutto's death points towards a well thought and pre-planned agenda of violence and lawlessness by the masterminds. Under the garb of that shocking tragedy was perhaps yet another effort to destabilise Pakistan; a conspiracy that surely has strong international dimensions and internal linkages. Will the independent UN Commission succeed in unfolding this conspiracy and unmask the real actors, both external and internal, remains to be seen. The memories of my encounter with Mr Capone, a research scholar and speaker at a seminar in the National Defence University in Washington DC, in mid 1999 are still afresh. Speaking on Challenges to US Security in the 21st century he forcefully highlighted the need for definite US contingencies/plans involving US forces to retrieve Pakistan's nuclear and missile assets, keeping in view, Pakistan's likely scenario of becoming a 'failed state' by 2010/2015. Leading western think tanks continue to play up the theme of possibility of our strategic assets falling to religious extremists and terrorists. In a recent news report, it was even suggested to 'buy out' Pakistan's nuclear arsenal for a US$100 billion to help the country overcome its economic problems. It must be understood that Chinese involvement in developing Gwadar port and other several development projects in mineral rich Balochistan and the planned energy corridor from Gwadar to China via KKH, suit neither Indian or US strategic interests in the region. Indian and US planners are horrified at the thought of Chinese naval presence in Gwadar right at the mouth of the Gulf oil lanes. Keeping Balochistan 'hot' and destabilised remains a prime objective to contain Chinese advances in this strategically located province. Events and happenings since 2006 indicate that external forces including RAW have been covertly involved in the conspiracy to destabilise Pakistan. The Indians in collusion with the Northern Alliance and Afghan intelligence launched their efforts to support tribal insurgencies in Balochistan. No wonder those many Indian consulates in South and Eastern Afghanistan remained active in funding and instigating the dissidents and radical Baloch elements to take up arms against the state. It was RAW helped set-up over fifty Ferrari camps in Marri and Bugti areas imparting training to thousands of insurgents who were armed with heavy weapons for sabotage of vital installations and attacks on security forces. It is now well known that over four thousand Indian troops under cover of the specially created Border Reconstruction Organisation (BRO) have moved into South and South Eastern Afghanistan along the Pakistan border. These include military engineers, advisors, special forces etc which have the authority to move heavy trucks loaded with weapons and ammunition to their many staging points on our western border from where the same are infiltrated into Balochistan, FATA and Swat to support the militants. What therefore surprises more is the fact that the supply of weapons and logistics into Pakistan is being undertaken by RAW and the Indian army right under the watchful eye of the US forces, ISAF, Afghan army and their intelligence apparatus. Should it be taken that such RAW activities have the tacit approval of the CIA and US coalition forces. Under the cover of War On Terror, Afghanistan is now the hub of the biggest ever joint CIA, RAW and Mossad Operations all designed to take the theatre of operations into Pakistan and establish a firm foothold on our soil. Recent events in Bajaur and Swat give further credence to reports of overt Indian support to Al-Qaeda and Taliban militants to further Indian designs in promoting instability in Pakistan. The government has also many a times pointed towards a foreign hand including Indian involvement in these destabilisation efforts. The fact that a large number of militants killed by the army turned out to be non-Muslims clearly indicates how the Indians successfully infiltrated the Al-Qaeda and Taliban ranks. When the Pakistani flag was replaced with the so called Taliban flag over few police stations in Swat district in 2008, one is convinced that such a despicable and unpatriotic act could not have been the work of patriot pro Pakistani Taliban irrespective of their strained relations with the government. The ISI has been the focus of a deliberate international effort led by RAW and even CIA, to malign this powerful state intelligence organisation. Although support by the local elements cannot be ruled out. ISI is undoubtedly Pakistan's first line of defence and plays a critical role in preserving our national security and integrity. The recently engineered Mumbai terrorist attack may well be another link in the chain to ultimately implicate the ISI and draw world attention to project the ISI as a rogue organisation supporting terrorism. RAW's ability to stage manage past events like Ganga aircraft hijacking drama in Lahore in 1970 and the terrorist attack on Indian Parliament few years ago, is now well known. The grand international conspiracy to destabilise Pakistan has many objectives. First, project Pakistan as a 'failing state' and harp on the theme of Pakistan's strategic assets becoming insecure and likely to fall into radical hands; hence create international justification, even exploiting UNSC resolutions to gain access to Pakistan's nuclear and missile facilities under the pretext of their joint security with the Pakistan army or even take over our strategic arsenal for safe custody. Second, as the defender of Pakistan's integrity and security and the guardian of our strategic assets, cause maximum attrition and wearing down of the Pak Army in the endless War On Terror; hence lower the army's strength and morale. Third, weaken and isolate the ISI by projecting it as a sponsor of terrorism, so as to neutralise its strength and capabilities for the defence of Pakistan. Fourth, keep Pakistan struggling economically and always dependent on foreign financial institutions. Fifth, strike fatal below to Pakistan's integrity or reduce it to a tooth less, non-nuclear state that it finally submits to Indian hegemony in the region. A strong disinformation campaign through the international print and electronic media is underway so as to create, an overall sense of despondency and despair amongst Pakistanis about their future. The sudden emergence of roadside billboards in NWFP recently, highlighting NWFP as part of a greater Pakhtunkhawa is in line with their grand psychological operation to prepare us for a future scenario. The people of Pakistan have seen through the international conspiracy against the integrity of Pakistan. This is the time for complete national unity. All segments of society including politicians, lawyers, workers, religious organisations, intellectuals writers etc should set aside their affiliations, ideologies, differences and work towards complete unity, harmony and reconciliation. Our leadership must understand the grave dangers to our national security and integrity. They must be prepared to sacrifice for the country's interests and rise above petty power politics. Those within our ranks who seem to be supporting foreign interests must be identified and made accountable to the state. A national consensus and strategy must be evolved to counter terrorism and religious extremism, crush militancy, establish rule of law and justice, strengthen democratic and state institutions, ensure transparency and good governance in running the business of the state. Now is the time to rise and act before it is too late. The writer is a retired brigadier