LAHORE - Speakers at a seminar on 'Challenges to Islam' at the Hameed Nizami Hall on Tuesday impressed upon the Muslim Ummah to shun apathetic attitude, forge unity and show courage to fight Israel and other enemies of Muslims by pooling their resources. They also urged for establishment of think tanks in Muslim world to chalk out strategies in reply to the opponents. Speaking on the occasion, Jamaat-e-Islami central leader and ex-MNA Farid Piracha said the West targeted Muslims under a stratagem and 9/11 was the part of their plan. He said the Oraganisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) did nothing for Muslims in 50 years time of its establishment. "Israel has been cordoning Palestine and Gaza for the last six months but the Muslim rulers remained apathetic," he said adding, "Iran and Turkey took bold stand against Israel, Saudi Arabia restricted itself to fund-raising only while the response by Egypt in this regard was quite shameful." Air Commodore (r) Tariq Majeed said Israel perpetrated war for 23 days, announced ceasefire but did not implement afterwards. "Our (Muslim) rulers are afraid of Israel and the US, they are in power because of American patronage. Therefore, they are not in a position to take independent decisions," he observed. "Israel, in fact, is a Zionist state and the recent attacks on Hamas are manoeuvred by this movement," he said. He blamed the Muslim rulers for showing apathetic attitude during the Israeli attacks on Hamas. He said many Muslim countries had diplomatic relations with Israel which should be severed. However, he added, Qatar and Mauritania had suspended their relations with Israel during the war. "This is not sufficient, all the Muslim Ummah should resort to diplomatic and economic boycott of Israel." He urged the Muslim countries to pressurise the UNO to pass a resolution against Israel. Danish Naqvi said the Muslim scholars, intellectuals and journalists should wage a 'Jehad' against Israel with their pens. He said, "If Ummah is united, Israel will vanish." He said Hamas had proved that the Muslims could defeat the Zionists. Amjad Ali Kazmi said Hamas had won despite Israeli claims. He said, "People who fight for Allah can never be defeated." He said Israel wanted to eliminate Hamas but still it was alive. He criticised the West for labelling jehad as terrorism.