After almost nine years of suffering and deprivation, the people of Pakistan expected a change for the better, instead they got more of the same. They had suffered humiliation under Musharraf, a tyrant who sold his citizens for bounty while proudly taking 'credit for his shameful deeds. However what has been happening in the last two years is not the democracy the people of Pakistan had wanted. Democracy is about rule of law, transparency, jobs on merit, accountability, good governance, security, education, health and welfare. It is not expected of a democratic leadership to protect robbers, plunderers, law-breakers and murderers. Accountability of the elected leadership is a pre-requisite for good governance. What is shocking is to hear the politicians defending their cronies, even those that are accused of robbing the state, and that they do quite openly in the media. Even worse is the shock of seeing our top leadership itself being accused of involvement in blatant corruption and, can you believe it, actually seeking immunity for their crimes from law. Those who promised to provide the poor with Roti, Kapra and Makan, provided for the sugar cartelin billions. And why would they do it? Oh, because they themselves were the principal profiteers in the crisis caused by the sugar price hike. They allotted themselves hundreds of acres of prime real estate in Islamabad, again worth billions. The LPG, the sole source of energy for the most deprived sections of society living in remote, desolate and under-developed parts of the country, has become unbearably expensive because the rulers wanted to make money from it. Is this democracy or is it robbercracy?-NABEELA HAYAT, Lahore, February 15