Indian statements, with ever more rhetorical flourishes, are vitiating the atmosphere between Pakistan and India. India wants to initiate talks but on its own terms that do not include vital issues that Pakistan deems to be ultimate in the whole agenda. All the more interesting to note then, that by a strange coincidence (?), whenever two countries reach near holding the talks, some kind of subversive activity starts taking place in India. This gives India a chance either not to talk, or at least blame Pakistan for it. One would have thought the best way to resolve problems was intensive, meaningful dialogue that took place on a consistent basis. But India has been threatening Pakistan for all of the past two years, wasting precious time on bombast and brouhaha with some palpably stupid statements emanating out of New Delhi rather oftenremember the one threatening to fight simultaneously with both China and Pakistan? Indian Army chief knows very well, or should know if he doesnt, that Pakistan is a nuclear power and an attack on Pakistan would invite a nuclear retaliation. If Pakistan is attacked, the reaction would surely be catastrophic beyond imagination. One assumes nobody wants to see a replay of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Subcontinent? People from both sides of the border want peace. If both countries spend their money on public health, education and infrastructure instead of armaments and preparations for idiotic war scenarios like this, the Subcontinent would be the shining gold coast for the world beyond its seas. But peace, for now, remains elusive as it has always been, due to hawks on both sides, and may be even outside. The US is feeding an elephant to fight a dragon. It must know, no matter how much weapons, money and strategic support it lines up behind India, India can never win a war against China. It would better work for peace instead of pumping India to fight China. -S. MEHMOOD, Lahore, February 17