Many arrows from his party are being fired on Shah Mahmood Qureshi former foreign minister of Pakistan. His fault appears to stand by his conviction and rules of the game. If it is the prerogative of the Foreign Ministry to allow the diplomatic immunity to an employee of a consulate which was not conferred upon Raymond Davis then there was a strong need to support him rather than pressurizing the respected MNA. As for the party discipline firing him out of the cabinet should have been considered as a serious punishment. Shah Mahmood Qureshi comes from a family whose services to the cause of Islam cover hundreds of years. Whether or not there is a place for him in his party or the cabinet, he will always be remembered as the most dignified and upright man of the cabinet of Mr Gilani. I am sure millions of helpless Pakistanis like me will appreciate his action as the correct step in the interest of this poor nation. PROF. KHALID HASSAN MAHMOOD, Karachi, February 14.