US Senator John Kerry flew from Washington straight to Lahore and addressed a gathering of selected journalists on 15 Feb at the residence of the American Consul General. He was blowing hot and cold in a very friendly tone. Where he conveyed his and his governments regrets on the loss of life, he also conveyed a sound warning if we did not tow their line of blanket immunity to Davis. Like President Obama, he also told the audience that Davis is a diplomat and enjoys diplomatic immunity under Vienna Conventions and must be freed immediately. He further said that he would meet all the relevant people in the government and others including the affected families. After the address, he did invite questions but avoided to answer technical points about the immunity and activities of Davis. It is very surprising that he could meet the President, the PM, the COAS, Foreign Office people, Interior Minister and former Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureishi in one day. How was it possible that all our key people made themselves available to him in one day to complete his mission? Did they cancel their scheduled commitments just to listen to his point of view on Davis? However, it is very heartening that our government took a principled stand and did not agree to hand over the criminal to American delegation who perhaps had assured the US President that they would bring back Davis along with them. He went back without him after meeting every body. Kerry's visit and President Obama's interest in his release has further strengthened our apprehensions that Davis is not an ordinary American working in Pakistan. He had some secret American agenda and was working against the interests of Pakistan for which the US did not want us to know during his interrogation. During interrogations, he was insolent and refused to answer any question (as shown in a video clip). He kept saying that he enjoys immunity and should be released. The irony is that our interrogation team has been very decent with him and he is enjoying VVIP treatment in jail which he should not get in the first place. Otherwise, perhaps, he would have revealed everything about his activities in Pakistan. The public wants to know what was he doing at Mozang Chungi with unlicensed weapon, wireless-set, gyroscope, dagger, sophisticated video camera, wire cutter etc in a car with fake number plate. After shooting dead one man on the bike, he came out and shot the his companion who was running away and made sure they were both dead by taking their video. It is time we stood together as a united nation. All political leaders should be on one page that Raymond Davis is not a diplomat and should be tried in Pakistan for the crime he has committed here. The American consulate should also hand over the driver and the vehicle that killed Ibadur Rehman. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, February 17.