The car parking in the parking lots is free these days though a token is issued at the entrance which gives some sense of security. But, this lasts jut for a while because as you approach the parking lot, a scary banner warns that parking is at your own risk. Thus, in case your car gets lifted, often under the very nose of the police, you can hold no one responsible for negligence. The CM who allowed this unwise concession should have realized that car owners are not poor people and paying about Rs.10/- as parking fee did not burden their pockets. Now, while they are in the parks, there is always the lurking fear that on return they might find their car missing which largely takes away the joy of a stroll in a beautiful environment or just some other mischievous adventure they have got used to in recent years. The CM is requested to withdraw the rather harmful waiver and revive the old system of auctioning the parking lots. Apart from generating the much needed revenue for the Horticulture Department, it will also make the car parking a lot safer. FAROOQ ZAMAN, Lahore, February 17.