The USAs diplomatic efforts for the release of double murderer Raymond Davis having brought no fruit President Barack Obama sent his special emissary Senator John Kerry to convince Pakistan about his entitlement of 'diplomatic immunity. All these efforts indicate that Davis certainly has some special significance for the American government. In this respect some important questions come to mind. I am sure the Foreign Ministry maintains a nominal roll of all diplomats serving in Pakistan in any capacity, along with the date of their appointment. Did Daviss name appear in that list? If so, what was the nature of his job and where was he posted? If he did not hold the status of a diplomat he is not entitled to the so-called immunity. Secondly, every government issues a diplomatic passport commonly known as 'blue passport to its VVIPs including diplomats. Those in possession of such passports do not require visa for entering any country. It is surprising that Davis was such an important 'diplomat that even the President of USA came into action for his release but he was not issued with a 'special passport? According to a press report the accused entered Pakistan on a fake diplomatic visa with a false name. What to speak of immunity he should be charged for cheating-cum- impersonation in addition to the double murder that he committed. A team of experts must be appointed to study and critically analyze each clause of immunity granted under the Vienna Convention. RAFT NASIM, Lahore, February 17.