Somehow the Prime Minister felt that the Cabinet was oversized. He has reduced the size. One cant help inferring that being oversized, the Cabinet must be overweight. And being overweight, there must be something wrong with its blood pressure. Our national problem is not at all a political problem. It is essentially a moral problem. It is absolutely irrelevant whether we have an elephant-size cabinet or a cat-size cabinet. What is most significant is the quality of the blood, which runs in a rulers veins. Essentially, it is not a ruler who rules. It is his blood which rules. Generally, there are two brands of blood: selfless blood and selfish blood. A ruler with selfless blood is natures great gift to a nation. But a ruler with selfish blood is a horrific curse. A ruler with selfless blood feeds the masses on his own blood. But a ruler with selfish blood feeds himself on the masses blood. During the entire history of mankind, noble-blooded rulers have been extremely rare. Ever since Pakistans birth, the masses have been praying to be blessed with selfless rulers. Unfortunately, so far the prayers have been unfruitful. But the masses should not be despondent. They must keep on praying. Any moment could turn out to be a propitious moment. If we are blessed with noble-blooded rulers, all our problems would be solved overnight. Thus, the size of a Cabinet is not at all our problem. Our problem is a blood-problem. Since Pakistans birth, Parliaments have succeeded parliaments. Presidents have succeeded presidents. Prime Ministers have succeeded prime ministers. Constitutional amendments have succeeded constitutional amendments. Cabinets have succeeded cabinets. What a deluge of changes But unfortunately, all these changes have utterly failed to change the miserable plight of the masses for the better. Unless the blood of the rulers changes, no political change can bring about the change which the nation desperately needs. Thus, our problem is not a political problem. It is out and out a blood-problem. We are a sovereign nation. But we have mortgaged our sovereignty to America. Under the mortgage-deed, America keeps paying us the mortgage-money in regular instalments. Only a noble-blooded leadership can get us back our sovereignty. But unfortunately, destiny has been very cruel to us. It has never blessed us with noble-blooded selfless rulers. A nations destiny is determined by its leadership. A great country is a creation of selfless leadership. A miserable country is a creation of selfish leadership. The Prime Minister was tense about the size of the Cabinet. He has reduced the size. But he doesnt seem to be tense about the size of our corruption. Our corruption was born the day we got our freedom from our British rulers. Thus, our corruption and our freedom are twins. Since the creation of Pakistan, our corruption has been growing and growing non-stop. Lately, it has acquired Himalayan-size. The Prime Minister has reduced the size of the Cabinet. He ought to have also reduced the size of our corruption. But he has not. Probably, the size of corruption did not bother him as much as the size of the Cabinet did. Our corruption is not the only entity, which has a horrifically gigantic size. There are many other entities, which are extremely over-sized. Their 'over-sizedness has been shaking the very foundations of the country. The size of the national poverty is as depressing as the size of the national corruption. Like the size of our corruption, the size of our poverty has also been growing at a shocking rate. But for the Prime Minister reducing the size of the Cabinet is more vital than reducing the size of corruption and poverty. There is another size-related problem. The size of the foreign tours by the rulers is no less shocking than the size of our corruption and poverty. Pakistan is poor country. Foreign tours are phenomenally expensive. Perhaps, no other poor country undertakes as many foreign tours as we do. We have another size problem. We use large-size extremely expensive cars for moving about. We should use small-size cheap cars for the same purpose. But we have become addicted to large sizes. The writer is an academic.