Please refer to the Nation of 10 February 2011. Truth at some time comes out of a hidden deep hole like a snake after years of oblivion. An Indian Judge Virendar Bhak acquitted seven persons branded as terrorists, under the fabricated story of Indian police. The judge remarked that the entire farce was carefully scripted in an office. It was a fake encounter where the prosecution had told the court that the accused were arrested following a shootout in Gurgaon Delhi Road on July 1, 2005. The court has boldly announced that the case and the charges put forward by the prosecution against the accused had fallen flat and that the encounter as projected by the police was absolutely fake and stage-managed. The Court also suggested to initiate criminal proceedings against the police officers who abused their power and failed to produce any evidence against the accused persons that they were having links with ISI of Pakistan. The news item should be an eye-opener for the Western opinion makers and to the Indian Intelligence sleuths who point a finger of accusation at Pakistan especially on ISI whenever an act of terrorism occurs in India. A Q ANJUM, Rawalpindi, February 17.