RAWALPINDI  – A security official, while responding to the issue of Adiala Jail detainees, has said that sympathisers of terrorists have forgotten the miseries of those 28 innocent families who suffered the loss of their loved ones in Hamza Camp attack in which these 11 terrorists were arrested.

Media should reach out to those families of victims who embraced shahadat at the hands of these Adiala jail detainees, a security official said while commenting on the issue here on Friday. Security official said these 11 suspects, Dr Niaz Ahmed Saqib, Mazhar ul Haq, Shafique ur Rehman, Abdul Basit, Abdul Saboor, Abdul Majid, Muhammad Amir Khan Khan, Muhammad Shafiq aka Maaz, Tehseenullah, Saeed Arab aka Tariq Gul, Roze Khan aka Farman are hard core terrorists who were involved in planning, facilitating and executing suicide attacks on a bus near Hamza Camp on November 24th, 2007 and Kamra Air Base missile attack on January 15th, 2008.

He reminded that on November 24th, 2007 Rawalpindi experienced twin suicide attacks on security forces, which killed nearly 30 people and injured dozens. The first vehicle-borne suicide attack took place at 0749 hours when a suicide bomber rammed his explosive-laden car into a 72-seater bus parked in front of ISI’s Hamza Camp (Previously known as Ojhri Camp) on the Murree Road.

Security Official said Dr Niaz Ahmed Saqib was the mastermind of Hamza Camp and GHQ attack on November 24th, 2011.

Another suspect Mazhar ul Haq is resident of I-9 Islamabad and was into rent a car business with the name of ‘Aman Rent a Car’.  He joined an extremist group in 1996 and got training at Khalid Bin Waleed Camp. He also worked in Publicity Section of a banned outfit and there he got in contact with Dr Niaz. During Lal Masjid action he helped Umer Farooq (nephew of Ghazi brothers) in transportation of ammunition from Darra.

Security official disclosed that another suspect Shafique ur Rehman was apprehended on November 24th, 2007. He is resident of Mardan. In 1999 Shafique got terrorist training and later joined a terrorist group. Security official further said that Muhammad Aamir Khan is a resident of Rawalpindi. In year 2000 he received training in weapon handling and firing at a training camp in Afghanistan. Abdul Majid,Abdul Basit and Abdul Saboor who are brothers and are residents of Lahore Ichhra.

They were apprehended from Lahore on November 27 and 29, 2007. Later Abdul Saboor died in Lady Reading Hospital due to ailment. Abdul Majid has been receiving treatment for his ailment. Muhammad Shafique was a hard core terrorist who was apprehended on January 20, 2008 for his involvement in Kamra Complex missile attack. Since January 2007 he had been studying in Haqqania Madrassa, Akora Khattak.

Another suspect of Kamra Complex is Gul Roze Khan aka Farman. He was apprehended on January 21 2008 at Swabi.

Official disclosed that Saeed Arab Hussain was another suspect of Kamra complex attack and was arrested on January 21 2008 at Swabi.

Tehseenullah another suspect of Kamra missile attack was apprehended on January 15 2008 from Swabi road. He is resident of Armour colony, Nowshera.