KARACH – The Ambassador of Denmark Uffe Wolffhechel on Thursday said that his Government wanted very good relations with Muslims including Pakistan and the Islam, says a press release.

The Ambassador , while speaking at a gathering of English Speaking Union of Pakistan (ESUP) in a local hotel, said that we want very friendly ties with Pakistan and are international partners through European Union which  is very strong economic block. We would be happy to work with Pakistan and contribute in various sectors that is, education, health and energy sectors.

His country has different educational programmes and Pakistan students could benefit for their better contribution to their country’s economic prosperity and development, he said.

“Pakistan would have to take initiatives in different sectors. We only can help Pakistan and further its agenda at larger platform of EU”, he remarked.

He said that Pakistan has a lot of economic potential in various sectors. Denmark has enough capability to support Pakistan in energy sector.  Pakistan needs good management of available energy resources besides exploring new avenues, he said.

He said Danish companies were interested in investing in Pakistan in different sectors.

He said that there was good space for increasing bilateral trade.

He said Pakistan has great importance in the region.

He emphasised that freedom of expression is very essential for strengthening of democracy in a country. He praised the active role being played by media in Pakistan.

He said that his country strongly supported democratic values in the world including Pakistan. Media here is very open and even contentious issues are discussed fairly, he said.

For strengthening the media here, he said, Denmark has initiated different training programs for Pakistani journalists especially the female journalists.  His country has also been contributing in women empowerment in Pakistan.

He said that his country significantly contributed in relief and rehabilitation of the people affected by earth quake in Azad Jamu and Kashmir and the flood in Pakistan.

He said that Danish companies were interested to invest in Pakistan in different sectors.

He said that Denmark embassy here has been providing its best service to Pakistanis including the easy and timely issuance of visas. We are also presenting wider and positive image of Pakistan in Denmark, he said.