DASKA - The relatives and villagers Friday accorded a local doctor, Tayyab Tahir, a warm welcome upon his arrival back to village Kaanwaan Lit after being released by India on Thursday after languishing four years in an Indian jail for trespassing on Indian territory.

He and his family members offered Nawaafil and distributed sweetmeats among the villagers, as the village was decorated with the colourful bounties and welcoming banners.

Talking to the newsmen at his residence, Dr Tayyab Tahir vowed to write a book about his four-year-long prison at Sri Ganga Nagar Rajasthan Central Jail. He expressed his wish to compile the miseries of Pakistani prisoners being confronted by inhuman behaviour and animals-like treatment in Indian jails.

Dr Tayyab disclosed that as may as eight inmates, out of total eleven Pakistani prisoners languishing in the above mentioned jail, had now been become mentally and physically sick. He added that they has been languishing there for several years despite completing their imprisonment awarded by the local Indian courts for illegally entering Indian territory.

Tayyab said that his imprisonment was completed in September 2011. He was illegally entered Indian soil on July 12, 2008 mistakenly near Wagah border, as he went there to watch national flag lowering ceremony at Wagah.

He also urged the Indian government and international human rights organisations to make the miserable condition of Indian jails better and make some effective and positive efforts for ensuring the human treatment with the Pakistani prisoners.