According to a report the Supreme Court during the hearing of Karachi lawlessness received a report that about 400 police officers are involved in criminal activities in Karachi. Maintaining law and order is the responsibility of provincial government, and police forces are responsible to enforce the laws and protect the lives and properties of the citizen. Unfortunately all the provincial governments in the country have miserably failed to reform the police force.

During the last five years crime and lawlessness increased in all the provinces. To reform the police General Musharraf government issued the Police Order 2002. The ordinance proposed to achieve two objectives; provide ‘Functional Autonomy’ to the police, and to ensure that police was de-politicised. Police Order 2002 proposed the following framework, separation of law and order from investigation, the setting up of a public safety commission to safeguard police neutrality and autonomy. Creating a system of complaints against police high-handedness and misuse of powers and developing an independent prosecution cadre.

A lack of political will caused the failure of these aims for public safety, the commission instead of nominating the persons from civil service lawyers, Human Rights commission, civil servant, retired generals, civil bureaucrats, were nominated due to which the fate of these institutions was sealed. The Police Order 2002 failed utterly to lessen political influence and high handedness while it did precious little to provide functional autonomy. Without reforming the police force there is no hope for better protection to the lives and properties of the citizens.


Lahore, February 13.