It is horrifying that the Indus river, its barrages, its canals and water courses are being polluted to the brim. Tons of industrial, domestic and hospitals’ waste are being dumped and drained into the Indus and its canals. Scenic lakes and streams are being defiled in the province. The enemies of environment have done everything to disfigure and destroy the seafloor and stratosphere in Pakistan. The land and other natural resources are being abused as well and garbage is strewn everywhere polluting the country.

While the world is crying of eco-friendly fuel and clean air, Pakistan has no regulatory organization to put a stop to this continuous discharge of hazardous matter into the air and water. Our relevant organizations such as Sindh Provincial protection Agency (SEPA) and others are as good as dead. Environmentalists have long been pointing out the pollution factor but our ruling elite have yet to take any notice at all. I wonder if they know at all the meaning of nature and the splendid gifts it has to offer. They have certainly not realised the value of healthy ecology and environment for life and growth and that it is vital for our survival. I conclude that the provincial rulers are blind to this environmental pollution, decay and destruction. However, I appeal to the environment-friendly President of Pakistan to direct the provincial government to take pragmatic steps to save the ecology and environment.


Islamabad, February 2.