KARACHI  - A group of students of Electronics Department of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET) devised a system of payment of electricity bills in advance through application of GPRS system.

An official of the institution maintained here on Sunday that the system will bring reduction in the human resource, the expenses incurred on metre reading and warding off of public complaints regarding issuance of bills not matching the metre reading.

“Pre-paid Digital Energy Metre”, has been devised by the six-member group consisting of Zohaib Saleem Abbasi, Syed Arif Raza, Mohammed Aqib, Nabeel Tariq, Kashif Hameed and Afnan Ahmed.

According to the group members, they used Ethernet Module USRTCP 232T, PCB designing, discreet components, power supply, LCD Digital Analogue Meter, Micro Controller Sensors, Internet Device besides other component parts in the project preparation. 

According to them, the project is fully micro-controlled and can easily be installed in a house. The consumer will get a warning through alarm as to the exhaustion of the amount paid for power consumption and thus would help get power supply as per need and budget requirement. Through an innovation, advance payment could also be made through the scratch cards which would help overcome utility interference.

The group said the project has cost them an amount of Rs21,000 which they paid from their pockets.