ISLAMABAD  - Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan, Dr TCA Raghavan, called on Chairman Standing Committee of National Assembly on Foreign Affairs, Sardar Awais Ahmad Khan Leghari, at the National Assembly on Monday. Both, during the meeting, expressed their firm desire and commitment to improve relations between the two neighbouring countries.
The Indian High Commissioner shared that an appetite for better relations is inhabited across the political divide in India . They agreed that communication gap prevalent between the parliaments of the two countries needed to be bridged by more frequent interaction at parliamentary level. Leghari added that clarity from both sides on longstanding issues is a prerequisite for sustainable relations. He also signified the involvement of civil society and academia in a sustainable dialogue.
Leghari wished not to have Pakistan as an electoral issue in the negative sense. Political posturing in order to gain electoral dividends is something that should be discouraged on both sides. He also mentioned the role Indian media is playing through its hostile coverage of Pak-India relationships.
Signifying the critical role of media as a pillar of state, he proposed to make concerted efforts to improve this. Leghari stressed that while economic and trade relations between the two countries are improving, the official political dialogue also needs to be resumed at the earliest.
The Indian High Commissioner expressed his resolve to coordinate with the new legislature, once the elections install a new government in India in May this year, and strive to foster interaction between the two legislatures.