ISLAMABAD - The PML-N government is going to take some crucial decisions in coming days with majority of Prime Minister’s advisors and trusted colleagues advising him to launch hot pursuit against the miscreants, as the dialogue process could not succeed due to so many reasons.
Interaction with some of the close associates of Premier Sharif and sources in the government privy to the closed-door meetings in the power echelons, it could safely be said that the doors of dialogue are completely shut and now the government in aid with Military Establishment would go for a controlled targeted operation against the miscreants in the troubled areas.
The sources informed that the formal announcement of abandonment of dialogue would be unlikely and the government committee for dialogue with Taliban would place some tough conditions for resumption of the peace talks like unilateral announcement of cessation of hostilities by Tehreek-I-Taliban Pakistan and release of some big figures in their captivity.
The sources further informed that tempers were high in the military ranks and obviously some major surgical action against miscreants, primarily against the militants based in Mohmand Agency who had martyred some 23 FC men in their custody, is likely in coming days, as the military leadership had made it clear to the government that they would observe restraint only when their installations and personnel are not attacked and in case of attack they would come up with retaliation.
The sources further said that Tuesday’s visit of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan to Karachi was cancelled and some high-level consultative meetings would likely to take place here in the federal capital.
Political and defence analysts said that the Premier had taken the initiative of dialogue with TTP against strong opposition to the move both from military and political leadership of the country, but anti-peace forces had successfully stalled his move.
Now with no letup in the terrorist attacks and the recent killing of 23 FC men in Taliban custody had completely dumped the initiative with elements in support of operation ostensibly in complete command of the situation.
Those in support of the operation argued that TTP is the loose conglomeration of several dozen big and small militant groups, with majority of them not following the decisions of their central Shoora as binding and operate in their strongholds keeping in view their personal gains and interests. So an effective cessation of disruptive activities could not be ensured, sources added, as some of the groups based in North Waziristan even not take Mullah Fazlullah as their Amir.
The sources in Military Establishment claimed that some of these groups were partially or completely in the control of some foreign intelligence agencies, so these were taking commands and dictates from the people who were funding them and it would become extremely difficult to bring them on negotiation table.
The sources in government confirmed that the plan adopted by Federal Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan to resolve this complex issue would likely be put in practice. Under the plan the government would create wedge in the TTP and woo the groups which really wanted to resolve the issue through negotiations, while military action against those adamant to continue with their disruptive activities or those whose strings were in the hands of their foreign masters would be taken with full might.