ISLAMABAD  - Pervez Musharraf’s legal team is likely to file an application for the delay of framing of high treason charges if, on the firm assurance of Anwar Mansoor, the former President appears before the Special Court today, the sources said Monday.
Since December 13, 2013 thrice a three-judge Special Court, comprising Justice Faisal Arab of the Sindh High Court, Justice Mohammad Yawar Ali Khan of the Lahore High Court and Justice Tahira Safdar of the Balochistan High Court, set up by the federal government under section 4 of the Criminal Law Amendment (Special Courts) Act, 1976, has issued summons for appearance. The court so far in view of being the former President of Pakistan and the ex-Chief of Army Staff had exercised restraint to issue his non-bailable arrest warrants.  In case Musharraf does not appear today then the court may issue non-bailable warrant and forfeit the surety bond.
In today’s hearing his counsel could take a plea that as the applications on the jurisdiction of the court, biasness of the judges and the issue of appointment of Akram Sheikh as the Public Prosecutor has not been decided, therefore, till the judgment on those applications not to frame charges against the retired general, the sources told The Nation.
The today’s hearing would be 20th, since December 24, 2013 the Special Court started hearing the high treason case against the former army dictator. Besides giving ruling that the Code of Criminal Procedure is applicable to the instant proceeding, the court so far has allowed the counsels of both the sides to argue the same issue again and again.
Dr. Khalid Ranjha, defence counsel, and Akram Sheikh, public prosecutor, though for four days had given arguments pro and against the military courts jurisdiction. In the last hearing on the request of Dr Khalid Ranjha for more arguments on ex-general’s trial under Army Act 1952 the court had also adjourned the case till February 18, while Anwar Mansoor has so far not concluded arguments on the constitution of the Special Court, biasness of judges and Akram Sheikh appointment as prosecutor.
Musharraf’s team making efforts, while on the other hand the government too wants that the former army general fly abroad, despite the fact millions of rupees from the public exchequer have been spent on making security arrangements at the National Library, where Special Court hearing the case.
Some observers are of the opinion that the court might also be thinking on the same line therefore except passing written orders on the medical reports has not given the written judgment on the applicability of CrPc in the case.
Now the Pakistan Bar Council demanding that Pervez Musharraf should appear before the Special Court and face the trial so that the matter could reach to its logical end. The PBC vice chairman Muhammad Ramzan Chaudhry says that legal fraternity believes that Pervez Musharraf should be given full opportunity according to process of law in the matter.