LAHORE  - PIA Board of Directors, in its Karachi meeting chaired by Officiating Chairman Syed Mohd Ali Gardezi, decided to set into process rationalization of manpower, improve efficiency, curtail administrative cost, and regulate financial and administrative discipline.

The meeting also decided to partially outsource medical division by getting its employees covered through Medical Insurance as per their entitlements. BoD also set up a two-member committee comprising of Syed Yawar Ali and Malik Nazeer to decide and review General Sales Agencies award and distribution system. Meeting also approved procurement of an ATR Simulator for training of pilots. Almost 80% of PIA ATR domestic short sector revenue is generated from northern operation, with Islamabad being major hub for domestic short sector flights. Similarly almost 75% of international revenue traffic bound for UK, USA, Oslo, Gulf, Saudia etc is generated by northern hubs.

Aviation analysts are of opinion that in order to cut costs on positioning of aircraft from Karachi and cut down on schedule disruptions because of frequent shutdowns in Karachi and weather etc, it is time PIA establishes a functional Hub in north, where aircrafts can be based and adequate maintenance facilities available there. Experts estimate that PIA will save almost $25 million annually by adopting to changes following opening of airspace overflying former Soviet Union, for direct and economical routes to Europe and beyond. Similarly Karachi will continue to be an economical Hub for flights to Gulf and Far East.

Special Assistant on Aviation Shujaat Azeem addressed the BoD after the meeting was over and apprised them of policies, strategy and plans. In this meeting no PIA official was allowed to be present. The government has decided that unions will not be allowed to dictate policies, however they can continue to play a role for welfare of their members.