Veteran politician Makhdoom Javed Hashmi has asked Sharifs not to patronize black sheep and set up universities in Makhdoom Rasheed, adding that otherwise over 20,000 locals will form a human chain on Friday.

Talking to the journalists on Tuesday, he added that his family allocated the said land for medical university in 2009 and the Chief Minister directed the Commissioner Multan to prepare feasibility for the establishment of the varsity. “Later on, this land was given to the Agricultural University but the Zonal Manager Auqaf does not want to handover this land to the varsity,” he alleged. He offered that he was ready to allocate another 50 acres for the medical university.

Meanwhile, the lessee of the controversial land Abdul Sattar has filed an application with the Auqaf Department, claiming that Hashmi family delivered him huge financial loss worth Rs6 million, which should be compensated. “They have ruined standing wheat crop and destroyed houses of our peasants. My losses should be compensated,” he demanded in the application.

However, the Aquaf Department rejected lessee’s plea for compensation of his losses, saying the department was not responsible for the security of his assets. “As far as the occupation of land is concerned, it is under department’s control, but the security of crop is responsibility of the lessee,” said Mahmoodul Hassan, Zonal Administrator Auqaf.

The elder brother, son-in-law and other relatives of Makhdoom Javed Hashmi as well as 63 others were booked by Makhdoom Rasheed police on charges of land grabbing, terrorism and brawl on February 12. The case was registered on complaint of one Abdul Sattar, who stated in his application that the accused attempted to grab 618 acres of land, he had got on lease from Auqaf Department, and took away many valuables including fertilizer bags.