Islamabad - Kite-flying is going on unchecked in different parts of twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi despite ban in wake of death incidents and injuries to people, especially children, in the past. A number of kites of different colours and sizes can be seen flying in various sectors including G-6, G-7, G-9, G-11, Amar Pura, Arya Mohalla, Ghulshan Dadan and Asghar Mall etc. Every year, with the advent of spring, people of every city of the country celebrate Basant festival, however, the concerned authorities have put a ban on it.

 because of its negative impact.

When asked, Nadeem Abbass, a kite flying lover, opined that while celebrating this event, one can enjoy for some time. He admitted that despite the fact that it is banned, some people want to celebrate it for the sake of their happiness. However, Uzma Khan who is witnessed of an incident in which a minor child got injured due to kite-flying string, spoke totally in favour of ban as it can save a number of lives.

She pointed out that strings made of glass-wire or metal have claimed several precious lives and a number of incidents have taken place in different cities in the past when persons while riding on bikes sustained fatal injuries.

Rashad Mahmood a citizen suggested that basant festival should be allowed to celebrate and allocated special place in the F-9 Park in a bid to save the lives of people.

When asked to comment, an official of the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Administration said that all the arrangements have been made to nab the violators of the ban. He said that a complete ban has been imposed on selling kites and other material to discourage this practice and save the precious lives.