Today I went to donate blood for the second time in my life. When I was sitting for the preliminary screening tests, fear entered my heart, what if I had some kind of disease? When they had taken the samples, I came out, to wait for the results. All the time I was sad and I realised that I was afraid of dying. I remembered a verse from the Quran, “Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return.” As soon as I remembered this line a refreshing breeze took away all my fears. I was happy again. While strolling in the corridors of the hospital some ideas came to me. First was that we should all frequently visit hospitals, it will show us how much pain some people are living in and we would thank Allah.

We should all also donate blood which is Sadqae Jahria. Maybe by doing so we could revive humanity which seems to have died in us. They gave me my medical report and said I was healthy and had no diseases but I could not donate blood as I was diabetic. So I was too late and could not serve a fellow by donating blood. I request all my friends to please donate blood, every six months as it helps others and keeps the body healthy, by making fresh blood. Many believe that giving blood weakens us , let me tell you it makes us more healthy.


Islamabad, February 15.