Gepco Chief Executive Officer Zahur Ahmed has claimed that the Sialkot industries were being supplied with uninterrupted electricity.

“There is no power loadshedding in the Sialkot industry as Gepco has provided the most-awaited relief to the industries,” he said while addressing a meeting of Sialkot-based industrialists and exporters at Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Gepco CEO said that it had also successfully introduced mobile phone snap reading of electrical meters of all the 5.6 million consumers in Gujranwala Division. He termed the step a major achievement in favour of the consumers. He said that now there would be no manual meter reading. He said that now the meter readers would get the snaps of the meters and copy it to the online system of the Gepco which will publish the snaps on the bills.

He disclosed that the AJK government was defaulter of Rs5.5 billion to Gepco and it was making hectic efforts to ensure early recovery of the big amount. He said that the repairing and maintenance workshop had been established in Sialkot and it would be operation in April 2015.