LAHORE (PR) - The Punjab University spokesman has strongly denied the allegations, levelled by critics inside the university, in a news report published in a section of media.

“Research incentives awards were being given as per approved criteria and that’s why the mistake of the committee was pointed out by the department concerned and the amount was not released to the said teachers,” the spokesperson said, adding that it was a baseless news story.

However, the spokesman confirmed that the committee had mistakenly recommended the names of two lecturers. The issue was pointed out by Additional Registrar I Kamran Abid who contacted the Treasurer’s office to amend the case. The news report had alleged that the administration was distributing incentive awards among its “blue-eyed” teachers but in the same breath it mentioned that the treasurer office pointed out the issue. Hence the treasurer office refused to release funds to the teachers whose names were mistakenly recommended, the spokesman stated.

He further said that the news report had manipulated the proceedings of Treasurer’s office.

Clarifying the allegations in detail, the spokesman said that the salary section had reported that both the lecturers had joined PU on 14-05-2014 while their names were proposed for Research Incentive Award 2013.

He said that the case was forwarded by Deputy Treasurer Rao Tahir Rafiq through Treasurer on January 15, 2015 to the office of the registrar for issuance of revised order. The registrar office, in its report, clearly mentioned that both the teachers were not entitled to the said award and requested the Vice Chancellor on February 09 for deletion of their names from the list. On the same day, the VC approved the request and, hence, it showed as per documentary evidences that there was no any nepotism or favouritism in the said case.