The University of Sargodha has achieved a historic success in the field of science as the Patent of Dr Mohammad Amin got registered by United State Patent and Trade Office America. Young researcher Dr Mohammad Amin submitted his report to the University on “Solvent Free Synthesis of Paracetamol”, which was forwarded to HEC to present in United State Patent and Trade Office America, in 2011. In this report on this research world renowned scientist Dr Bredon Feter Wolf and Dr Kamar Shahindra consented for its registration as a Patent and declared it a wonderful achievement in the field of science. According to Dr Mohammad Amin, his patent has no side-effects on stomach, kidneys or liver, unlike other common paracetamol. It will bring down the price of the medicine and will be produced within a very short span of time.

Meanwhile, HEC Chairman Dr Makhtar Ahmad congratulated University of Sargodha Vice Chancellor Dr Mohammad Akram Chaudhry and Dr Mohammad Amin for this sublime success.

It is to be noted that Dr Mohammad Amin has become 10th Pakistani scientist whose patent has been registered by the United Stat Patent and Trade Office America.

Dr Attaur Reham is at the top of the list.