Just a few days back, I was in the middle of an argument with a few like-minded people who were defending Wasim Akram for being known as an Indian commodity now. It is difficult to have any reasonable discussion regarding Wasim Akram with most people since we all know well enough the love we share for him in our hearts. Whatever it is, he has been attached to Star Sports for a while and is associated with the Indian commentators who go on all the Indian tours. As much as we would like him to be this actively involved with the Pakistan cricket team, he is not. However, Wasim bhai’s frustration came out in an interview regarding the Pakistan vs. India match. He out rightly blamed the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for alienating him (the best left arm fast bowler the world has ever seen). He was quite straightforward in his remarks and stated that he was available to help the team if the PCB did as much as asked. He even mentioned that he assists the Indian bowlers because they come up to him and seek advice. I am sure there are two sides of this story as well but given PCBs antics, Wasim bhai lifted himself in my eyes again. Why should we blame Wasim Akram or for that matter Shoaib Akhtar for being so closely linked to Indian cricket when they are getting the respect they deserve from them rather than us? PCB needs to accommodate our greats otherwise our young cricketers will be deprived of some advice that could change their cricketing career and in time benefit Pakistan.

–Shaan Tahir