I would like to bring an important issue to your notice regarding misuse of position in Karachi Port Trust (KPT). A person who is working on a project called ‘Son Quota Restoration Movement’ has given a list of people to the KPT management, to treat them as deserving candidates for jobs, it is a list based on political affiliation. Representative of some political parties and some people from KPT union are using their influence in this recruitment. This is not a ‘Son Quota’ but plain favouritism. I would like to request the concerned authorities to look into the handling of this and give old employees a chance in this quota process on equal basis. This quota stopped in 1997 so now the recruitments should start from that year. As corruption goes, this gentleman is getting money from the candidates to put their names on the list. I hope that someone will look into the matter as many have been waiting for years to see their children get jobs in KPT. I am hopeful that KPT will do justice to the deserving and make this a transparent and honourable selection on merit.


Lahore, February 15.