Apropos the news about the killings in North Carolina, I will not comment on the debate being waged on public and social media platforms, to ‘do’ and ‘undo’ the motives, behind the gruesome crime. It could be a hate crime or just a petty dispute, simmering over a period of time, reaching such a horrible climax. However, I will question all those, claiming it to be a hate crime; were these youths killed in a mosque? Did they ever report or complain of facing threats due to their faith? Did they ever report or is there any history of hot arguments exchanged with the culprit on faith related issues? If the answer to all these questions is ‘No;’ then why presume it’s a hate crime? Let police investigate and prosecute the murderers, but my question, to all those mourning the untimely death of these three innocent Syrian-Americans; “Are the lives of Muslims worthy only when endangered by non-Muslims?” Why no such vigil, outcry and protest when Muslims are killed all across the Muslim world, by fellow Muslims?


Saudi Arab, February 15.