LAHORE -  The Punjab government has beefed up security at Civil Secretariat following the terror attacks in the country.

However, officers don’t consider it foolproof security at par with the Punjab CM office or the IGP office security.

Many other offices, part of the Civil Secretariat , like Old P&D building that reside offices to the Secretaries Agriculture, School Education, Food, Livestock, Industries and Commerce, Labour have least security despite the threats to government machinery. These offices are situated opposite to the Punjab police headquarter Inspector General Police (IGP) and Chief Ministers Inspection Team.

Moreover, security at the Board of Revenue (BoR) is too poor to be claimed a safe place. The Communication and Works department, the Punjab Irrigation Department, the Punjab Service Tribunal and their sub-offices are also easy targets.

Although walkthrough gates are already being used, CCTV cameras have also been installed to monitor security in the area but the security plan the Home department and the S&GAD devised was not being implemented in its true spirit.

An official who travels on bus from secretariat to government officials colony Wahdat Road told that it was decided that the buses which carry employees from other districts will be parked at safer places after due clearance. There are least security arrangements for buses, he held.

It was decided that illegal parking-stands outside the Civil Secretariat would be removed and patrolling of police personnel outside the main boundary will be ensured but to no avail.

A secretary requesting anonymity told that there is least security for the civil officers while they travel from one place to other. He also highlighted poor security at GORs except GOR-1.