The nerve shattering speech by MNA Mussarat Ahmed Zeb on floor of NA elaborating her frustration on failure by the NA to legislate laws giving severe punishment to paedophiles is shocking. MNA Mussarat had initially suggested death sentence for such criminals involved in sexual molestation of minor boys and girls, but this was turned down by committee. She than urged them to recommend a bill giving mandatory life sentence for such criminals. Although this was accepted the Parliamentary Committee, it has been tabled as a bill. Tearful and heartbroken, MNA Mussarat stated that we are collectively responsible for rape and murder of minor girls like Kasur’s Zainab.

For the victims of blackmail for Kasur’s victims, blackmailing by criminals continues with threats from jail. Their accomplices manage to evade prosecution, making the lives of the victims a living hell on Earth. This heinous mental addiction is widespread all over the country from Karachi to KPK.

Pedophilia is a serious mental addiction that inflicts numerous individuals all over world as well as in our country. It is an unfortunate bitter reality that neither our law enforcement, civil bureaucracy, nor our parliamentarians and ruling elite consider this crime as heinous. This is reflected by poor prosecution of existing punishments. Responsible societies give long jail sentences without parole to such criminals, extending to over 25 years. Even after release of such criminals, the police continue to monitor their movement through mandatory electronic 24/7 GPS monitoring, while simultaneously banning their movement in vicinity of schools, parks and cities where they used to live. In USA Dr Larry Nassar was sentenced for over 175 years for sexually molesting minor girls over an extended period of time. The head of Michigan State University where Dr Nassar was employed resigned and so did 20 members of US Gymnastic Olympic Committee for their collective failure. If Pakistan State authorities are incapable of mandatory 24/7 monitoring or giving long prison terms extending to 25 years, than through medical procedures these criminals should be rendered incapable to sexually molest minors.


Lahore, February 4.