Pakistan has had a drugs problem for decades. Nobody sets out in life to become a drug addict or substances abuser. According to the United Nations office of drug and crime, Pakistan has 6.7 million drug users; more than 4 million of these are addicts. This is amongst the highest rates in the world. 

We see hardly any preventive measures, despite the shocking numbers. it is a gradual process though poverty and unemployment are regularly cited in international studies as to the reasons why people become addicted. One more reason is injustice. A young mind is too tender to bear any act of injustice. This type of disappointment is very dangerous. Most of the time it forces the youngsters to commit suicide. The worst thing about being addicted to drugs is that it is affecting the youth in every part of the world in a major way. The trouble starts among the school-going children but the problem is exacerbated with abetment by those who wish to earn money out of selling drugs. Drugs addiction among the youth is killing them morally and socially as well as psychologically and even physically. And, drug barons are becoming increasingly wealthier by supplying these drugs that are causing untold misery. An NGO reported that about 56% of the students in leading private school chains are addicted to various kinds of drugs. 

They were the main reasons and every problem has the solution. According to experts, the easiest and most effective solution would be top send addicts to a rehabilitation center. First of all awareness and prevention must start at home, with parents and peer groups. They should be vigilant and keep an eye on the company their children keep and their activities to give them same kind of motivation so they can feel normal. Awareness raising campaigns should be launched because only awareness can stop this. People do blame the government every time but, for how long shall we blame them and turn a blind eye to such critical issues? It is now time to be responsible in our actions. The government alone cannot force every addict to get himself admitted to rehabilitation centers nor does it have the resources to build such a large number of institutions. Rather the state can help by importing technical services, information, skills and donors to let private health service providers play their role. 


Lahore, February 16.