Lawyers urged to spread Quranic message about biodiversity

ISLAMABAD:Justice Qazi Faez Isa, a judge of the Supreme Court, has urged the lawyers’ community to sensitise people about the message of the holy Quran regarding biodiversity, environment and ecology.

Justice Faez was talking to lawyers from the ten Balochistan’s Bar Associations who attended the course at the Federal Judicial Academy, Islamabad.

In the one-and-a-half-hour interactive session, Justice Isa posed several questions from the participants regarding the verses from the holy Quran which was recited with its Urdu translation at the outset of the ceremony.

He said: “Everything in the heaven and everything in the earth belongs to Allah. Whether you divulge what is in yourselves or keep it hidden, Allah will still call you to account for it.

He forgives whoever He wills and He punishes whoever He wills. Allah has power over all things.” “Since human beings are declared as the vicegerent of Allah, their responsibility towards His creation is delicate and demanding. We have to be mindful of our responsibilities as Khalifa-tul-Arz. We should always strive to improve things, including environment, ecology, protect and preserve biodiversity and use resources judiciously.

Above all, we have to be more humane and sensible in our attitudes and behaviour towards others in this universe because everything belongs to Allah and we are just custodians and guards of it,” he remarked. Among others, faculty members, officers and staff members were also present on the occasion.– STAFF REPORTER

Gradation of educational institutions decided

ISLAMABAD: A decision has been taken for gradation of 423 federal educational institutions operating under the Federal Directorate of Education.

As per reports, the policy of gradation will be implemented from the next academic session and ranking report in respect of 423 institutions will be issued every year.–Online

The ranking of educational institutions will be based on educational, extra curriculum activities, administrative situation and other facilities provided to these institutions.

Different teams have been set up for carrying out gradation. These teams will conduct detailed review of educational institutions and filed the report with the FDE. Training workshops were also arranged for principals and vice principals of 423 educational institutions located in Islamabad on this count.

Initially committees comprising six principals each have been established under area education officers Zone-1 and Zone-2 which will review educational and extra-curriculum activities, policy on homework, attendance of teachers and students and evolve report thereof.–ONLINE