KASUR-Zainab's parents, relatives and the people living in their neighbourhood demanded public hanging of her murderer Imran whom an anti-terrorism court handed down death sentence on four counts on Saturday.

Zainab's mother appealed to the government and Supreme Court of Pakistan to amend the law for the execution of Zainab's murderer at the exact same spot where he had taken her daughter.

Mudassir, uncle of Zainab said "we accept the court verdict. The culprit must be hung publicly." Zainab's brother also expressed satisfaction over the court verdict. He stressed public hanging of the culprit, saying that he should have been made an example for others.

Parents of the minor girls whom convict Imran had strangled after rape also demanded the government to execute the beast publicly to serve as a deterrent for future offenders.

Asif, father of Ayesha, one of Imran's preys expressed his contentment over the court verdict. He said that public-hanging of the girl's murderer would deter future offenders to commit such a heinous crime.

Saleem, father of Nur Fatima who was raped and murdered by the same convict, said that Imran was a disgrace to humanity. "The government must execute him publicly," he demanded. Asma's father expressed satisfaction over the court verdict, saying that if the government hung the convict publicly; it would bring a significant decrease in crimes against children.

The civil society lauded the court verdict and said that it was a special case and the government could amend the law to award the culprit a special punishment so that future offenders would think a hundred times before committing such heinous crimes against children.

Anjuman-e-Tajran president Akram Mughal said that the government had set an example by conducting a speedy trial in Zainab murder case. "The Supreme Court needs law amendment by the government for giving a verdict concerning public execution of the culprit," he added.

Kasur District Bar Association president Sardar Fakhir Ali termed Zainab's death a special crime case. He said that the court had done its job and now it's up to the government to perform its due role for public hanging of Zainab's murderer.

Former Kasur Press Club president Haji Sharif Mehr lauded the court for awarding death penalty on four counts to the murderer of nearly a dozen girls. "The entire nation desires him hung in public," he pointed out.


A man was accidentally shot at and injured at Ghousia Abad, Chunian here the other day.

Asghar, resident of Okara, had scuffled with his brother-in-law Aslam and he opened fire at him. Aslam survived the pistol round fired by Asghar but it hit a passerby, Rafiq.

The relatives of Rafiq protested against the negligence of police, telling the media that they had informed the police about the scuffle but the police came late. "Had the police come on time, the scuffle would have been ended before turning into a shooting incident," they complained. They demanded police higher-ups action against the negligent cops.


Local transporters protested against Regional Transport Authority (RTA) secretary Hina Al-Rahman for misusing her authority. Talking to media, the protestors led by a citizen namely Abbas said that the RTA secretary was misusing her authority by issuing them challans without any valid reason. The protesting transporters were accompanied by local shopkeepers.