1. Saudi Arabia's petroleum sector makes up


of GDP, which makes it bigger than the total GDPs of Iraq, Morocco, Rwanda, and Tonga combined.

2. Saudi Arabia is the world’s second largest arms importer.


3. of the Kingdom’s population is under the age of 24, while only 5% are over 60.

4. Saudi Arabia’s Ghawar field is the largest in the world. It has an estimated 75 billion barrels of oil left. The Kingdom’s Ghawar oil field has enough reserves to fill 4,770,897 Olympic swimming pools.

5. Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the world without a river.

6. Saudi Arabia is building six "economic cities" that are expected to add an amount 3.5 times as large as Kenya's total GDP to Saudi Arabia's GDP

7. Saudi Arabia’s main export partner is China, with a bulk of export being petroleum and petroleum products.

8. Almost 60% of the labor force in Saudi Arabia is foreign.

9. Saudi Arabia’s annual military expenditure is 4 times the GDP of Afghanistan.