- We are very glad to be today in Pakistan, a dear country to all Saudis... We’ve been a brotherly country and friendly country to Pakistan, and we’ve walked together in tough and good times, and we continue the same thing.

 Pakistan is facing a really great future today, with a great leadership.

 We believe Pakistan is going to be a very very important country in the coming future, and we want to be sure that we are part of that

 We are waiting for that kind of leadership to partner with, and to build a lot of things together.

 Today we signed MoUs, the amount of that kind of investment is $20 billion....it’s big for phase one, and definitely it’s going to grow every month, every year, in bigger numbers and going to be beneficial for both countries...

 We walk with Pakistan...economically, politically and in security

 We will be sure that we are creating an amazing great future for Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, and for our region. We believe in our region, thats why we are investing in it. And we believe that one day we are going to have a Great Middle East, surrounded by Pakistan from the East side.

 This is my first trip East, since I became Crown Prince. And the first country is Pakistan.

 Mister Prime Minister, rest assured, just consider me in Saudi Arabia the Ambassador of Pakistan. We cannot say no to Pakistan. Whatever we can do, we will deliver that.