Pulwana attack was a brutal act of terrorism claimed by Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) over 40 Indian paramilitary troops were killed in attack. India alleged that Pakistan was behind the oppressive assault. However, Indian’s blame game is not new. India averred, in the past, “the attack on Indian parliament and Samjhota Express, besides Mumbai and Uri attacks are backed by Pakistan.” Though Indian allegations against Pakistan without investigation are baseless and childish.

However, Pakistan officials have already expressed grave concerns over the attack. Pakistan always pursues a positive approach toward India. The Kartarpur initiative and Prime Minister Imran khan repeatedly expressed his desire for talks with India are a clear evidence of Pakistan’s intention.

India’s decision of withdrawal of Most Famous Nation (MFN) granted to Pakistan, in 2016, a similar attempt had been made following an attack on its forces at Uri in IHK, and diplomatically isolate Pakistan are nothing, but not only to ratchet up tension in region but also try to destabilise each other. It is time both for India and Pakistan to understand the value of each. India must leave blame game and realise the true efforts of Pakistan for peace and security talks.


Shahpur Chakar, February 16.