Kashmir conflict between Pakistan and India has ever been a bone of tension between both the countries.

The recent attack in Indian-occupied Kashmir has provoked the historic animosity between India and Pakistan that can result in much chaos, and can generate strong peace destructed effects. More than 40 Indian security forces personals are reportedly killed. The horrible attack is claimed by Pakistan-based militant group, Jashe-Muhammad. It is one of the most active and powerful militant groups in the region, and also was accused to be involved in Indian Parliament attack 2001.

Indian PM released harsh statements speaking about severe punishment to the perpetrators, pointing out Pakistan. Most analysts believed that this attack would be taken as an opportunity by Modhi government to induce hatred among the masses of Indian people against Pakistan, and gain its political interests.

However, an attempt to counter it has been made by the Islamabad house rejecting the accusation of involvement of Pakistan in this terrible attack. Very pessimistically, we hope and pray for this conflict not to erupt further, and for the peaceful and prosperous future of the both countries.


Naudero, February 16.