LONDON-Amazon says it “regrets” that suspect child car seats have once again been found on sale on its UK store, and says it has removed them. The products were discovered by BBC Panorama as part of a wider-ranging programme.

The US firm has repeatedly faced complaints about listing such seats. A case dating back to 2013 led to a trading standards investigation that confirmed one example would tear apart if involved in a 30mph (48km/h) crash.

More recently, Which? magazine found examples on Amazon of fabric-based seats that lacked the required safety labelling in 2019. Other outlets, including eBay, were also found to be selling the items at the time. Four obscure brands were involved in the latest case.

One listing described the product as being an “Infant Safe Seat” capable of preventing injury to a baby if a car urgently braked. It was on sale for just £3.99. Panorama attempted to contact the brands involved. It received a reply from only one of them, which said it was not the manufacturer.

The programme purchased three of the suspect seats. They appeared similar in design to some of those involved in the 2013 case and lacked safety labels. The documentary-maker alerted Surrey Trading Standards at the start of January. Officers have begun a fresh investigation but have yet to publish their findings.

“Automated algorithms [survey] over five billion product pages every day and we monitors tens of millions of customer reviews,” Doug Gurr said.