The latest remarks of the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General (SG) Antonio Guterres on Kashmir are nothing short of a strong boost to Pakistan’s stance. The GS called for the implementation of the UN Security Council resolutions on Kashmir. However, India was quick in rebuking the suggestion; the global community must take notice of India, which defied the head of the UN so openly. If that is not enough a move to show the world the illegality of Indian stance, what else can?

In the past, India rejected the concerns of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan over the deteriorating situation in Indian-administrated Kashmir. New Delhi also rejected an earlier offer of mediating the Kashmir dispute that Turkey made in 2018. Similarly, the Indian government rejected the continuous offers that the United States made many a time. Such behaviour on the part of India shows its despise for international law and norms while dealing with the question of Kashmir.

Given that Kashmir is the potential nuclear flashpoint between the two nuclear-armed states, the world needs to put maximum pressure on India, lest it is too late. The role of the UN’s GS does not end with suggesting that Kashmir must be decided according to UNSC resolutions. His statement on solving the Kashmir dispute means that the UN no longer sees the issue as a bilateral dispute between Pakistan and India.

Hopefully, Mr Antonio Guterres will take it upon himself to restore the faith of all oppressed people in the effectiveness of the UN. The least Mr Antonio can do for the people of Kashmir is to launch a global campaign similar to BDS against India. One after another country offering to mediate the issue and now the UN head asking for settling dispute according to UNSC resolutions must tell the Indian state where the international winds are blowing.