ISLAMABAD - The Federal government has reviewed the provincial/regional quotas for recruitment to the civil posts and the federal government issued the new directives in this regard. According to the new directive copy available with The Nation, 50 per cent quota for the direct requirement to the civil posts under federal government has been given to Punjab and federal capital. The directive states, “the undersigned is directed to state that the provincial and Regional quotas prescribed in 2007 for direct recruitment to civil posts under the federal government have been reviewed and it has been decided by the federal government with immediate effect, the merit and provincial/regional quotas shall be observed in filing vacancies reserved for direct recruitment to posts under the federal government which are filed on all Pakistan basis.” According to new recruitments quota, first time the quota of federal capital is included in Punjab and now they are able to apply government jobs on Punjab Quota. The quota of  Punjab is 50 per cent in direct recruitments to the Civil posts under federal government, on Merit 7.5 percent, Sindh 19 percent including 40 percent of 19 per cent or 7.5 per cent for Urban areas namely Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkhar and 60 percent of 19 percent or 7.5 percent is allocated for rest of Sindh excluding Karacahi, Huderabad and Sukkhar. Similarly 11.5 percent for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, six percent for Balochistan, one percent of Gilgit-baltistan and two percent for Azad Kashmir.

Three percent quota is allocated for newly emerged districts of KP (ex-FATA), this share shall not be merged into KP and be observed independently for next 10 years in conjunction with ten year development plan devised to bring the ex-FATA as par with KP socially and economically. The Establishement Division has also informed to all Secretaries/additional secretaries Incharge of ministries and Divisions about new quota of recruitment.